The story so far...

Runaway Bay is a breath-taking white sand beach on the sleepy north coast of Jamaica. Palm trees sway in the light wind and long-tailed Doctor Birds flit between blossoms, a blur of brilliant green in the Caribbean sun. 

It’s a magical place.

Named as the spot where the last Spanish governor “ran away” in 1655, this paradise has had more than an occasional brush with history. Bob Marley grew up a few miles inland and learnt to swim on the beach. In the 70’s, the Pythons penned ‘The Life of Brian’ sipping rum cocktails in the gardens that line the sand. Whilst, on the horizon, the towers of Jamaica’s greatest distillery look on quietly over the endless cane fields.

"A perfectly balanced introduction to the Jamaican pot still tradition."

Runaway Bay is a limited edition Jamaican pot still rum of exceptional quality. A unique stock of 773 individually numbered bottles, aged in the finest oak barrels for 11-14 years. It's meticulously designed to bring together the output of the four greatest Jamaican distilleries to create a perfectly balanced introduction to the Jamaican pot still tradition. A unique masterpiece of distillation.

"Our ingredients are sugar cane and water, nothing else."

We started as a passionate stand for sourcing the highest quality ingredients and maintaining the strictest adherence to tradition in an industry hooked on huge volumes, artificial flavourings and added sugar. Our ingredients are sugar cane and water, nothing else. The mesmerising gold colour and mellow flavours are slowly imparted from up to 14 years in the barrel, with no artificial dyes or flavourings corrupting the natural process. We also try to do the simple things right; our stopper is made from real cork, our glass is made from recycled bottles, our label is pure cotton and there is no plastic in any of our packaging.

If you share our ideals of authenticity, quality and want to try ‘the real thing’. This is the rum for you. Crafted with love, we hope you enjoy it.

Matt (Founder, Runaway Bay)